Why “The Invisible Man” Gives You Goosebumps

Why “The Invisible Man” Gives You Goosebumps

Do you like horror and thriller movies? The bravest of film buffs typically enjoy thrillers. Thrillers and horrors are full of conflict, surprise twists, and tensions that keep you on the tip of the seat filled with blood and depictions of many scary elements. The thriller’s unexpected turns keep our adrenaline pumping and engage a portion of our mind that isn’t typically aroused. One such film is “The Invisible Man” which keeps you engaged and nail-biting throughout the movie.

History of the movie

Leigh Whannell is the author and director of the science fiction horror movie “The Invisible Man” from 2020. A modern movie version of the book started production in 2006 but was put on hold in 2011. The movie resumed production in 2019 with Whannell involved when Universal switched from a serialized world to solo features.


On February 28, 2020, The Invisible Man was made available in the United States. Critics gave it favorable reviews, praising Moss’s portrayal and the issues of domestic violence. Three weeks after its debut in the United States, the movie became available for the digital rental because the COVID-19 outbreak forced a delay in its theatrical distribution.

A Plot overview of “The Invisible Man”

An aggressive ex-boyfriend of Cecilia pretends to die and he gains the ability to become invisible to stalk and harass her. She starts to encounter unusual occurrences and decides to investigate the matter on her own. The plot is around a scientist called Griffin who has fallen insane and his life and death. Griffin develops the ability to become invisible and starts using it for evil deeds, including murder.

Cecilia’s portrayal in the 2020 adaptation of “The Invisible Man” does not merely stem from her assertion that an invisible stalker is following her. But that’s the reason behind her attitude. What Adrian did to her after abusing her for years. He assured her that she’d never be allowed to leave him and that he would control every action she took. He would be there always, no matter what even though she wasn’t able to see him.

Cecilia's portrayal

Significance of the movie

The movie “The Invisible Man” makes its audience go crazy with goosebumps covering the arms and shivers running down the spine.  Adrian is an expert in optics; therefore, it stands to reason that he can create a suit that prevents the human eye (and camera) from recognizing him. That makes total sense and is a fantastic way to modernize this age-old thriller. The music and sound effects in this film were crucial. There were times when the movie was completely silent which builds up terror. The new film examines the violence, fear, and guilt-tripping that many victims of domestic abuse endure. Adrian is determined to make Cecilia’s life a living hell even though she manages to flee him at the beginning of the film. As a result, he gradually alienates her handful of friends and even kills Cecilia’s sister Emily.

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