Titanic Movie Review & Film Summary (1997)

Titanic Movie Review & Film Summary (1997)

Titanic is considered as a masterpiece of all time with all the flavours of entertainment likely romance, single angle, beautiful plot, spectacular visual effects, marvallous acting and direction. All the elements are very much present in James Cameron’s Titanic with all elements in proper ratio and proportion. As tragic voyage has been the tradition of Hollywood epics Cameron did not differ from that as well. The illusion is present in the film in a very convincing and seamless way.

The involves a young girl of 17 years named Rose Dewitt Bukater who has been sailing in the sea to her doom as her penniless mother has forced her to marry a supersicillious and arrogant snob named Cal Hockley. But she does not like the single attitudes as well as perspectives of him and on the ship, she met Jack Dawson who saves her from overcoming all the obstacles. But how he does it revolves around the storyline. Meanwhile, the ship gets broken by the floated icebergs and what happens in the last is the storyline. The screenplay of the story reveals some awesome moments on the ship like an awesome engine room, Irish dance, the ship’s design and so on. The intriguing storytelling and acting completely attract the audience and make the audience feel what is exactly happening.

 Titanic Movie

Director Cameron has offered some brilliant shots throughout the film. In the opening shots, the nude dearing of a young girl, by the time the ship sinks, the surroundings while the ship is sinking, the brilliant dialogue is pulled out with sheer excellence and perfection. There are various vignettes and subplots are strongly constructed. The technical aspects are also constructed with brilliant artistry. Here the director has proved that filmmakers can also build drama and history in proper proportion so successfully.

All the cast and crew especially Leonardo Dicaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose are tremendously attractive as they have perfectly brought up the nasty world along with its snobbism through their acting. They are brilliant in each sequence be it in romance, action, terror while sinking. The effortless acting by the other pivotal characters Billy Zane as Cal Hockley, Kathy Bates as Molly Brown, Bill Paxton as Brock Lovett have also done complete justice to their characters.

The story of the film as well as the saga both are very convincing to the audience and can connect to the audience very much. The setup of the story and behave of all classes travelling in a ship brilliantly carry out the characteristics of the different classes of the society. The screenplay is wonderfully written as the villain also reveals a human aspect of his character during the crisis moment of the film. Overall the film has all the entertaining elements and is a must-watch for the audience.

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