The Terminal Film Review

The Terminal Film Review

‘The Terminal,’produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, is a 2004 American drama film with cute comedic moments that was partially inspired by the true story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who stayed 18 years in Terminal 1 of Paris Airport.

The Terminal tells the story of a man comes from Eastern part of European continent named Viktor Navorski(Tom Hanks) who gets trapped just after he landed at JFK Airport in the United States as his country has no existence due to war. Therefore his passport, visa, and all other papers works become worthless, and there is no way to go backward or forward. He is denied stepping foot in the United States and has no way to return to his native country. Frank Dixon, the customs official (Stanley Tucci), instructs him to stay in the International Arrivals Lounge. Viktor agrees to his proposal and settles in at the airport terminal. Dixon tried really hard makes many efforts to get Viktor out of the airport and get rid of the problem, but all his plans get failed. Viktor faces many difficulties due to Dixon, but this story would be incomplete without him. Meanwhile, Viktor becomes friendly with several airport employees and assists the travelers.

The comedic moments in this movie work very delightfully. Gupta Rajan, the janitor (Kumar Pallana), always leaves the floor wet, watches passengers ignore the warning sign, slip on the damp floor, and fall. A food services employee (Diego Luna), uses Viktor as his mediator to express his love to an Dixon makes many efforts to get Viktor out of the airport.

comedic moments

As time passes, Viktor falls for a gorgeous flight attendant named Amalia Warren (Catherine Zeta Jones), a compassionate, emotional woman who is always looking for love and wants some strong relationship in her life. Viktor and Amelia have many things in common and end up in some romantic state of affairs.

Finally, after nine months, when the war has resolved, Viktor is allowed to return to his own country. This is how the film ends with lots of drama, comedy, romance, emotions, and sentiment.

The Terminal is a fascinating story about Navorski’s innocent and mysterious character. The film is full of laughs and several tear-jerking moments. Spielberg wants to make a film that makes the audience laugh, cry, and feel good about the world. All in all, Ienjoyed The Terminal in detail. The cast is excellent, and Tom Hanks is fabulous.

The comedic moments in this film are entertaining, and this movie also explores humanity and sentimentality. This movie presents different scenarios that have come together delightfully. Overall this is a movie that all family members can watch together and enjoy every moment.


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