Live and Let Die Reviews

Live and Let Die Reviews

It is the ninth picture of James Bond and it has all the characteristics of bond pictures such as gimmicks, subterranean control rooms, goons, magic wristwatches and wit also. There isn’t much in this film about the possibility of Roger Moore replacing Sean Connery as Agent 007. There are some attributions of Moore which seem superficial such as calm under fire, superficially raised eyebrows, urban attitude. However, a number of double entendre and double takes were handled humorously throughout the movie.

The plot as usually encircles around the disappearance of what is described in the film as “three of our best men”. The three murders occurred respectively in New York, New Orleans and in the Caribbean. There is a link or coincide of connection between the three murders which eventually introduces the character of Mr Big. There are some common elements that Bond movies must have and this film is also not an exception. It also opened with a meeting and there is a faithful character. It also does have a destroyed notorious villain and also spectacular chase scenes where Bond arrives. There is a chase scene on speedboats which has been executed in a pedestrian manner and the scene is very much engaging. Further, the story goes forward unfolding the mysteries of the thriller and this is the main storyline. It is bond who is revealing the mysteries in uniform ways.

Live and Let Die

The director of the film is Guy Hamilton and the screenplay has been written by Tom Mankiewicz. The entire screenplay is very intriguing and it has all the elements of a thriller as Bond films have. The film has some beautiful locations like rich Caribbean locations, and crazy asides, besides that Moore’s chosen approach to portraying the character has made it much more enjoyable than before. It has also marked a very dynamic of 007 movies along with a fine storyline and intriguing screenplay.

The cast and crew of the movie also delivered their best performance in the movie. Roger Moore as James Bond is invincible. His every shot in the movie from pressing a bidden lever, discovering a secret door, underground cavern to save the dollar by protecting the gold supply is delivered with justice. The other characters such as Jane Seymour as Solitaire, Clifton James as pepper and Geoffrey Holder as Samedi are all brilliant at their places. The chasing scenes are well picturised by the superb cinematography and tight pacing.

Though there are some flaws as well in the movie as a section of the audience thinks that it does not reach the expectation of previous Bond movies. In some scenes, the comedy did not work as it was mingled with a sense of ridiculousness. But somewhere it lacks the usual witness of Bond movies. Otherwise, it is a decent watch as the storyline is very entertaining and full of thrills.

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