Spend Your Weekend Watching The Best Classic Movies On Netflix

Spend Your Weekend Watching The Best Classic Movies On Netflix

You might want to binge-watch movies while you’re stuck at home as the weekend approaches. So why not go with the timeless and classic options? Netflix is brimming with classic films that are exciting to watch and have a unique storylines. Here is a list of some of the most famous and timeless classic movies you can watch on Netflix and binge-watch!

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White Christmas

Celebrate Christmas before the holiday season begins by watching this holiday classic, available on Netflix anytime! The film was released in 1954, but it will make you nostalgic for the past, even in 2022. But nothing beats White Christmas for getting us in the holiday spirit. It’s ridiculously sweet. It’s audaciously upbeat. It’s a sentimental, romantic musical drama.

The film will undoubtedly make you feel the chill of winter, and it is best enjoyed with a mug of traditional hot chocolate. And the best part is… It still is one of the best-selling movies to date, according to Guinness. Bring on the hilarity, love story, bubbling Christmas essence, and the sole Bing Crosby number of “White Christmas” that everyone should see. A true classic to brighten up your weekend!

Dances With Wolves

This weekend, immerse yourself in the life of a soldier by watching this film with your group and learning about the survival techniques of a different tribe. This mighty historical drama was a major box office success thanks to its incredible tale, stunning camerawork, and deeply moving acting skills.

Dances With Wolves, based on Michael Blake’s novel of the same title, describes a heartbroken Union soldier through a life-changing project on a faraway Civil War expedition. This film even won seven Academy Awards, making it worthwhile to watch if you want to try something new.

My Fair Lady

If you like literature and are interested in seeing a film based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion, watch this one. It clearly depicts the play in the form of a film. My Fair Lady is one of those best examples of everything heading perfectly in production, with each aspect, almost any specifics, and each hand on board working in unison.

The film discusses the societal change that occurs after receiving an education and the focus and determination to live a new life. Eliza Dolittle’s character will undoubtedly grab you by the seat of your pants as you watch the film to find out what happens next. When the film hits the screen, its outfits, videography, and musical performances will undoubtedly take your breath away.


This fantasy musical film is a must-see where a teenage girl Sarah travels through the maze to save his baby brother from a Goblin King. Though this film may sound exciting, don’t watch it with your growing children as it may disturb them psychologically due to Sarah’s grief over losing her brother. Despite being a commercial failure, Labyrinth has become a fan favourite. This is a fantasy film with supernatural elements, mysticism, abductions, a teenager’s innocence being lost and puppets. A fantastic film for experiencing all of the emotions at once!

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