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Spend Your Weekend Watching The Best Classic Movies On Netflix

Spend Your Weekend Watching The Best Classic Movies On Netflix

You might want to binge-watch movies while you’re stuck at home as the weekend approaches. So why not go with...

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Flicks By Early Women Filmmakers

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Amazing Film Podcasts You Should Listen To

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Beginner’s Guide to Classic Movies

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Horror Movie

Drag Me to Hell Horror Movie

Drag Me to Hell is a mixture of horror and comedy movies as the director Sam Raimi has returned to his hobby after two different genre films. The film offers some gruesome horror experiences through the film and the film reveals logical but terrifying images through a comedy atmosphere. The film was written by the director with his brother before the Spiderman trilogy. Above all the superficial movies this film will give a delicious slice of wicked film.

The story revolves around a character who wants to be a good person but out of greediness makes sinful choices in order to fulfil his desires. The whole movie is evolved with nudges especially scenes with cute kittens. The movie starts with Christine Browne who in spite of having a loving boyfriend and also a good job at a bank. However, she runs into issues when she declines an elderly woman’s request to extend her mortgage. As a result, she curses on threatening her and that in turn gives hell experiences for Christine. In order to come out of the situation Christine seeks help from psychics and how she overcomes the situation finally unfolds in the movie. Throughout the movie, the audience can feel that the torment of Christien is real. The movie also gives audiences experiences of tantalizing possibilities of fiery sequences.

The story

The director of the film Sam Raimi has created the concept of the film with lots of horror moments along with lots of suspense and thrill. Shock reveals in a logical way but silent way unless it is screaming. The director also wanted to incorporate dark humour along with comedy sprinkled throughout the film. But all that he did was in a unique as well as refreshing mood in comparison with other filmmakers. There are lots of mythological references brought by the director into the screenplay. It is also expressed through the use of dialogue by the old woman.

The cast and crew of the film have brilliantly delivered their performances to grab the attention of the audience. The pivotal character played by Alison Lohman as Christine is very much believable and looks convincing as well. Justin Long as Clay Dalton has also delivered a good performance. Other characters, like Adriana Barraza as Shaun San Dena and Lorna Raver as Mrs. Sylvia Ganush, Dileep Rao as Rham Jas, and David Paymer as Mr. Jim Jacks, have all done their parts justice.

The whole movie has delivered spooky and uncanny flavour in every scene and it’s a good horror film. It must be recommended film, it has all the points of a good entertainer and hence it is a decent watch and recommended movie as well.

The Invisible Man

Why “The Invisible Man” Gives You Goosebumps

Do you like horror and thriller movies? The bravest of film buffs typically enjoy thrillers. Thrillers and horrors are full of conflict, surprise twists, and tensions that keep you on the tip of the seat filled with blood and depictions of many scary elements. The thriller’s unexpected turns keep our adrenaline pumping and engage a portion of our mind that isn’t typically aroused. One such film is “The Invisible Man” which keeps you engaged and nail-biting throughout the movie.

History of the movie

Leigh Whannell is the author and director of the science fiction horror movie “The Invisible Man” from 2020. A modern movie version of the book started production in 2006 but was put on hold in 2011. The movie resumed production in 2019 with Whannell involved when Universal switched from a serialized world to solo features.


On February 28, 2020, The Invisible Man was made available in the United States. Critics gave it favorable reviews, praising Moss’s portrayal and the issues of domestic violence. Three weeks after its debut in the United States, the movie became available for the digital rental because the COVID-19 outbreak forced a delay in its theatrical distribution.

A Plot overview of “The Invisible Man”

An aggressive ex-boyfriend of Cecilia pretends to die and he gains the ability to become invisible to stalk and harass her. She starts to encounter unusual occurrences and decides to investigate the matter on her own. The plot is around a scientist called Griffin who has fallen insane and his life and death. Griffin develops the ability to become invisible and starts using it for evil deeds, including murder.

Cecilia’s portrayal in the 2020 adaptation of “The Invisible Man” does not merely stem from her assertion that an invisible stalker is following her. But that’s the reason behind her attitude. What Adrian did to her after abusing her for years. He assured her that she’d never be allowed to leave him and that he would control every action she took. He would be there always, no matter what even though she wasn’t able to see him.

Cecilia's portrayal

Significance of the movie

The movie “The Invisible Man” makes its audience go crazy with goosebumps covering the arms and shivers running down the spine.  Adrian is an expert in optics; therefore, it stands to reason that he can create a suit that prevents the human eye (and camera) from recognizing him. That makes total sense and is a fantastic way to modernize this age-old thriller. The music and sound effects in this film were crucial. There were times when the movie was completely silent which builds up terror. The new film examines the violence, fear, and guilt-tripping that many victims of domestic abuse endure. Adrian is determined to make Cecilia’s life a living hell even though she manages to flee him at the beginning of the film. As a result, he gradually alienates her handful of friends and even kills Cecilia’s sister Emily.


How the story of “Moana” attracts Children

Animation movies are like the cherry on the cake. It enables you to grasp ideas clearly and rapidly. A less expensive communication tactic is animation. By entertaining the audience, mainly children, animation movies teach & engage them. Additionally, it gives a variety of other tasks as well as real-world circumstances encountered while studying. They are filled to the brim with creative plots. The visual flexibility of animated films is greater than that of live-action movies, but so is the narrative freedom. The film “Moana” gained a great appreciation in the field of animated movies and attracted a vast group of children.

Movie specifications

John Musker and Ron Clements directed “Moana”, the 56th Disney animated feature picture, which was released by Walt Disney Pictures. Auli’i Cravalho makes her debut as Moana’s voice in the movie. This Fantastic animated creation was released in 2016. Critics gave the movie favorable reviews, praising its animation, sound, music, and vocal contributions in particular. Over $645 million was eventually made by the movie globally.

It depicts the tale of Moana, a headstrong Polynesian village chief’s daughter who is selected by the ocean to reunite a mythical artifact with the divine goddess Te Fiti. To return the artifact to Te Fiti and save her people, Moana sets off in pursuit of Maui, a fabled demigod, when a plague befalls her island.

Outline of the Movie

Moana enjoys being in the water and longs to travel the ocean, however, her father insists Moana remain in the village and rise to become a successful leader of their people. But the island starts to disappear one day. When Moana’s grandmother exposes the family’s ancestors’ dark secret, she embarks on a quest to find the god Maui and rescue her people. The moving animated musical film “Moana” is about a Polynesian girl who discovers how to pursue her ambitions and speak out for herself. Moana succeeds in everything she sets her mind to, saving her people. She constantly serves as a reminder for us to pursue our goals and keep going until we succeed. One of the most likable characters ever has to be Moana.

“Moana” as Children’s treat

Children are motivated to learn and pursue more about Polynesian stories and culture after watching this film. It is a fantastic role model for girls, as the character Moana demonstrates power, independence, and leadership. You could have the chance to discuss with your kids the effects of running away after watching this film. You might also discuss how to cope with loss once a loved one passes away, like Moana’s grandma. Moana is daring and wouldn’t mind embarking on a long voyage across the Pacific. Moana does everything with grace and tenacity, whether she’s learning to sail or battling the ocean’s waves. These qualities enable braveness among children and inspire them to learn new skills confidently.

Die Hard

Die Hard (1988) Movie Review

The smart-handled story with a high-rise thriller element with the launching of Bruce Willis in action avtar definitely rekindled the enthusiasm for action cum thriller movies. It piles over all the very known elements of the action genre which can be incorporated into a filmy storyline along with a cop who rescues the hostages from an office in Los Angeles. The film has incorporated all the special effects full of machine guns, heroic helicopters and bomb explode tanks.

smart-handled story

The story of the film revolves around a smart-mouthed cop John McClane played by Mr.Willis who lands to reconcile with his wife in Los Angeles and goes to her party in the office. Just after then a group of terrorists plan to steal 6 million in bonds. The tower where the driver asks McClane to wait is made hostage by the terrorists. Everyone in the tower is taken hostage by the terrorists except McClane. Then the story goes up and down like the shafts of the elevator. The story of the film takes a new turn with the ruthless terrorist leader and a great part of the film centres around the witty mind of the cop and the master-minded criminal with an aloof mind. The action sequence with the with party’s emotional tale of the ruptured marriage alongside the fully developed action sequences is enough to snatch the attraction of the audience.


The director of the film John McTiernan and the screenplay is written by Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza. The film is actually based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp and which was made into a screenplay in 1988 and the development of the characters is made according to the novel. The film has many bloody moments along with some abysmal sequences also. There are some special action sequences such as McClane swings down from the side of a high rise, helicopter buzz, bomb explosion scenes which are well choreographed.


The cast and crew of the film have also delivered superb performances. Bruce Willis as John McClane has fit into the skin of the character so well that it seems the character of the novel has come up onto the screen. Besides that, the character of a terrorist ruthless leader played by Alan Rickman who is on the one hand seductive, manipulative and on the other hand, violent is brilliant. Besides that, the vital side characters like Alexander Godunov as Karl, Reginald VelJohnson as Al Powell, Paul Gleason as Dwayne T. Robinson, Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennaro-McClane have done complete justice to their respective roles.

Reginald VelJohnson

Though there are some drawbacks in character design and also plot development as the pace at the beginning of the film was quite slow. Apart from that, the whole film is very intriguing and entertaining enough to keep tight the audience in their seats. The film has all the points of a good entertainer and hence it is a decent watch and recommended movie as well.

Film Review

The Terminal Film Review

‘The Terminal,’produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, is a 2004 American drama film with cute comedic moments that was partially inspired by the true story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who stayed 18 years in Terminal 1 of Paris Airport.

The Terminal tells the story of a man comes from Eastern part of European continent named Viktor Navorski(Tom Hanks) who gets trapped just after he landed at JFK Airport in the United States as his country has no existence due to war. Therefore his passport, visa, and all other papers works become worthless, and there is no way to go backward or forward. He is denied stepping foot in the United States and has no way to return to his native country. Frank Dixon, the customs official (Stanley Tucci), instructs him to stay in the International Arrivals Lounge. Viktor agrees to his proposal and settles in at the airport terminal. Dixon tried really hard makes many efforts to get Viktor out of the airport and get rid of the problem, but all his plans get failed. Viktor faces many difficulties due to Dixon, but this story would be incomplete without him. Meanwhile, Viktor becomes friendly with several airport employees and assists the travelers.

The comedic moments in this movie work very delightfully. Gupta Rajan, the janitor (Kumar Pallana), always leaves the floor wet, watches passengers ignore the warning sign, slip on the damp floor, and fall. A food services employee (Diego Luna), uses Viktor as his mediator to express his love to an Dixon makes many efforts to get Viktor out of the airport.

comedic moments

As time passes, Viktor falls for a gorgeous flight attendant named Amalia Warren (Catherine Zeta Jones), a compassionate, emotional woman who is always looking for love and wants some strong relationship in her life. Viktor and Amelia have many things in common and end up in some romantic state of affairs.

Finally, after nine months, when the war has resolved, Viktor is allowed to return to his own country. This is how the film ends with lots of drama, comedy, romance, emotions, and sentiment.

The Terminal is a fascinating story about Navorski’s innocent and mysterious character. The film is full of laughs and several tear-jerking moments. Spielberg wants to make a film that makes the audience laugh, cry, and feel good about the world. All in all, Ienjoyed The Terminal in detail. The cast is excellent, and Tom Hanks is fabulous.

The comedic moments in this film are entertaining, and this movie also explores humanity and sentimentality. This movie presents different scenarios that have come together delightfully. Overall this is a movie that all family members can watch together and enjoy every moment.


Topic: Double Ended OR Strap On? The Ultimate toy for Ladies’ Night!

Where do these Vibrating Rabbits step into the play? What should it be? A strap-on or a double-ended dildo ,that you can see by clicking here? What exactly is more ideal for you to do when you want to change your room to a one that is suited to their wild fantasies and sexiness? The only answer is hoarding the top-quality toys in the sexy shops. These sexy shops such as are known to produce an abundance of potent toys like double-ended dildos, strap-on dildos, vibrating rabbits, clit stimulators, and several hot BDSM-inspired items that look perfectly sexy and comfortable on just about any bedroom cabinet. 

Let’s find out in detail how a strap-on and double-ended dildo manage to give you the best out of your naughty desires and which one is better.


Introduction: The Basics Of The Double-Ended Dildos And Strap-On Dildos 

However, would you like to engage in giving yourself some gratification? Well, having a hot and wild sensual session is always way too exciting. This is one thing you can look into, and it is never really dull.


Double-Ended Dildos: What are they? What’s with the hype?

Double-ended dildos, referred to as double dong, feature a lengthy, slick, shaft-like structure with carved heads for entry, mainly at the base or the tip ensuring peaks of stimulations. We are aware of many fantastic erotica devices nowadays suited to both the pros and the amateurs. A double-ended dildo comes home to you as big as a powerful and sexy toy that is usually made of rubber, so you find it easier to choose the ideal sex toy for you as well as the one you are doing. A simple silicone double-ended dildo is usually a good choice when searching for the perfect one to start your voyage to meet your sensual fantasies because it is indeed the finest and can be curved to accommodate you pleasantly.


Strap-On Dildos: What about them? Are they the best dildo?

A strap-on is one of the sexiest toys in these sexy shops. That consists of a dildo that is often non-vibrating with a penis-like design, making it quite realistic and life-like. A harness that fastens to the wearer’s hips stabilizes the dildo while it is worn. When you wear a strap-on with your partner, the act is commonly known as pegging. It involves penetration and intercourse, whether it be vaginal or anal, depending upon what you prefer. Selecting the perfect harnesses is pivotal to picking and utilizing a strap-on, though. These can resemble jockstraps with something like a harness that goes across your thighs and your undies with an opening next to them so that the device is easily accommodated. These strap-ons are usually made of leather and faux with a band that goes somewhere surrounding your butt cheeks.


A guide to help you make up your minds about selecting the best dildo that suits all your sexy dreams:

  • A strap-on dildo may well be the ideal choice for anyone who wants to emphasize the person they are engaging with, as the straps are accommodated for that reason. A double-ended dildo toy is an excellent option for a person who wishes to experiment with BDSM play or wants to stimulate one’s self.
  • Would you desire additional on-the-skin time with your partner? In such a case, a double-ended dildo enables one to experience the other person’s body sans the outer material or any straps causing a problem.
  • You should select whether you prefer a toy with a flattened bottom or one with a curved base if it’s going to be used with a strap. Although something with a flat bottom would be placed on your skin quite gently and invisibly, those that consist of a molded bottom will provide the person with increased foreplay around the clitoral hood. 
  • Now, there’s twice the enjoyment when it comes to a double-ended dildo, particularly one that includes an add-on vibrating rabbit. You must enthuse the other person to enter the bulbs smoothly, all by generously lubricating the dildo’s ends to ensure it fits nicely. Simply ensure that you take your partner’s desired size into account.
  • For something like a strap-on dildo, spend some time adjusting the strap as soon as you place it around your body. Shifting the harness upward or downward on the waist may provide you additional flexibility and balance if you’re using one. If you’re playing with a double-ended dildo, one may twist it to suit their pleasure points by making it arch towards your g-spot.


Are rabbit vibrators indeed the best-selling dildos that are going viral?

Vibrating Rabbit dildos refer to the device’s distinctive and valuable design. They often feature bunny ears that function on rubbing and stimulating your clitoris, simultaneously inserting the vibration shafts into your vaginal canal. The toy’s top generally has a curving point that mimics the base of a human dick and is intended to stimulate the very g-spot upon each stroke. 


It’s not really about buying the best dildo from the sexy shops, but it’s mostly about what’s sexier for you. 

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate dildo since they will perfectly accomplish what people require of them. It simply will not work if you get a huge item. Whether you’re unsure of the thickness you prefer, consider the various penetrating methods you are more familiar with in the past. If you follow all these basic guidelines, choosing a dildo you’re confident with will work more easily.



Make sure that the activity focuses on you and your partner whenever you introduce any kind of sensual toy into the bedroom, be it a strap-on, a double-ended dildo, or a vibrating rabbit. Notify your partner what hooks you and what really gears you up, and then nothing can stop you from feeling amazing about the act. Just keep reminding yourselves of how attractive you are and how you admire your pleasure spots during the session. You would like the device to be a component of the process, not the only objective, no matter what you are getting wet on.

Classic Family Movies

Reasons Classic Family Movies Are Better Than Movies Today

In today’s generation, the bliss of enjoying family movie time is a different experience that a million kids are facing difficulty. It is primarily because of the type of movies produced in the modernized world that people lose interest in any film.

Movies of the 21st century do not hold a candle to the classics. But, the significant factor in this decline is beyond just the quality of the film. They also boil down to the high competition in receiving awards and titles. Although these new movies use technological advancements to boost their quality, they can still be considered bleak due to their storyline.

Acting Style

Acting Style

Olden movies were the epitome of an acting career, with inspiration from Constantin to deliver their scenes. They summoned fake emotions in real life to create actual feelings on the screen. Hence, the acting in classic movies was considered supernatural and crossed all social and cultural norms. Unfortunately, the acting we see in today’s movies fails to deliver the previously set standard.


The classic old movies were created to entertain a family as a whole. Hence, it was easier for young adults and old kids to watch a movie together without facing awkward scenes. However, the same cannot be expected of modern-day movies as they target different sections of the audience.

Old movies were mainly based on emotions, love, war, hate, etc., which were significantly slow-paced and demanded the viewers’ attention, as opposed to the fast-paced thrillers we see today.

Element of education

Most of the classic olden-day movies generally had a more. It allowed people to walk away with knowledge much appreciated in the olden times. However, in the 21st century, their storyline is black and mainly focused on murder, sex, and glamour, which makes it a weird place for an entire family to be entered by the same movie.

Impact on the mind

No doubt modern-day movies work great with the stress of this fast-paced world, but the audience can connect with hardly a handful of movies. This connection is seen in the old classes that were created with the intent to communicate with the audience. For example, a particular story inspired you to be a writer, singer, or even a good person. Hence, the audience was able to connect better with such storylines.

modern-day movies

Key take away

Most award-winning producers are from the olden times. Although modern movies do justice to our world today, classics are the best to relax and have a great time with family. Most modern creators take inspiration from olden-day movies and recreate them with different visual effects, which often bore the audience to death. Hence, people even now prefer to re-watch n old films instead of involving the jitter of watching new movies.

Classic Movie

Classic Movie Themes And Their Examples

The core, collective notion of the film is a theme. A theme is a unified human feeling that you can express in a single or a short phrase. The theme is never stated clearly, but it is embodied by the storyline, conversation, camerawork, and songs. This could be a theme song or a signature line of dialogue. The theme offers a general means to interact with the particular issue of the film. Powerful themes also make a film stay with you long after you’ve seen it. The theme is the overarching notion and a direction for filmmakers during the writing process. Here is a list of classic themes you can use in your film or expect to see in the future.



Love is the first theme most filmmakers think of because why not? Most of the audience loves watching a romantic movie filled with fairytales and happy endings. Everyone enjoys watching a good love story, from the classic film Titanic to the contemporary novel The Fault in Our Stars. Even though there is love lost in the film, there is still love that people enjoy watching on the screen. Harsh older relatives, societal differences, and tragedy are all obstacles that can conquer. Love is the most unified feeling, and love stories have the power to reach individuals from different walks of life.

Good vs evil

Whether in the holy scriptures, in real life or the movies, a fight between good and evil is very prevalent in our everyday lives. This is a topic as old as time on its own. This concept distinguishes two rival parties with opposing views on those central ideas dealing with the good and the bad. This theme contains vengeance, crime and violence, war horrors, and resistance to oppression. Classic examples of this theme include Seven, Schindler’s List, The Godfather, Star Wars, and many others. The visual aesthetic distinguishes the good and evil archetypes in addition to their behaviours and words.


Fear, as seen in horror films, is one of the most popular themes these days. However, jump scares are no longer the only element required in a horror film; elements that psychologically disturb the audience are also required. There’s nothing spookier than fearing that you’ll be in danger, and it causes your muscles to feel uneasy and your heartbeat to rise. So, whether it’s a classic horror film like The Conjuring or Annabelle or a psychological thriller like Orphan or Don’t Breathe, it should serve the overall concept of fear.

Family drama

Family drama

A film industry would be incomplete without a film about family drama. It’s no wonder many compelling narratives play a part around family dynamics. Everyone wishes to be free of their families, both figuratively and literally. The central idea of family life immediately connects with audiences, as they can quickly connect with the film. The Godfather, Matilda, Baby’s Day Out, and Home Alone all depict familial issues, drama, and love while remaining true to their theme and plot.

Classic Movies

Spend Your Weekend Watching The Best Classic Movies On Netflix

You might want to binge-watch movies while you’re stuck at home as the weekend approaches. So why not go with the timeless and classic options? Netflix is brimming with classic films that are exciting to watch and have a unique storylines. Here is a list of some of the most famous and timeless classic movies you can watch on Netflix and binge-watch!

binge-watch movies

White Christmas

Celebrate Christmas before the holiday season begins by watching this holiday classic, available on Netflix anytime! The film was released in 1954, but it will make you nostalgic for the past, even in 2022. But nothing beats White Christmas for getting us in the holiday spirit. It’s ridiculously sweet. It’s audaciously upbeat. It’s a sentimental, romantic musical drama.

The film will undoubtedly make you feel the chill of winter, and it is best enjoyed with a mug of traditional hot chocolate. And the best part is… It still is one of the best-selling movies to date, according to Guinness. Bring on the hilarity, love story, bubbling Christmas essence, and the sole Bing Crosby number of “White Christmas” that everyone should see. A true classic to brighten up your weekend!

Dances With Wolves

This weekend, immerse yourself in the life of a soldier by watching this film with your group and learning about the survival techniques of a different tribe. This mighty historical drama was a major box office success thanks to its incredible tale, stunning camerawork, and deeply moving acting skills.

Dances With Wolves, based on Michael Blake’s novel of the same title, describes a heartbroken Union soldier through a life-changing project on a faraway Civil War expedition. This film even won seven Academy Awards, making it worthwhile to watch if you want to try something new.

My Fair Lady

If you like literature and are interested in seeing a film based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion, watch this one. It clearly depicts the play in the form of a film. My Fair Lady is one of those best examples of everything heading perfectly in production, with each aspect, almost any specifics, and each hand on board working in unison.

The film discusses the societal change that occurs after receiving an education and the focus and determination to live a new life. Eliza Dolittle’s character will undoubtedly grab you by the seat of your pants as you watch the film to find out what happens next. When the film hits the screen, its outfits, videography, and musical performances will undoubtedly take your breath away.


This fantasy musical film is a must-see where a teenage girl Sarah travels through the maze to save his baby brother from a Goblin King. Though this film may sound exciting, don’t watch it with your growing children as it may disturb them psychologically due to Sarah’s grief over losing her brother. Despite being a commercial failure, Labyrinth has become a fan favourite. This is a fantasy film with supernatural elements, mysticism, abductions, a teenager’s innocence being lost and puppets. A fantastic film for experiencing all of the emotions at once!