UPDATED With Winner: The Warner Archive Forbidden Hollywood Giveaway!

To commemorate the tenth and final volume of Warner Archive's delightful Forbidden Hollywood pre-code series, I am giving away one five-film set to a lucky reader!

The collection includes:

Guilty Hands (1931), with Lionel Barrymore, Kay Francis and Madge Evans

The Mouthpiece (1932), starring Warren William and Sidney Fox

Secrets of  the French Police (1932), featuring Gwili Andre, Gregory Ratoff and Frank Morgan

The Match King (1932), with Warren William, Lili Damita and Glenda Farrell

Ever in My Heart (1933), with Barbara Stanwyck and Ralph Bellamy

For more information about the films, check out my review from yesterday.

To enter the giveaway, just tell me your favorite pre-code film in the comments!

-Deadline to enter Monday, 5/30, 11:59 PST
-Open to USA residents only
-Winner to be announced in an update to this post Tuesday, 6/1 

Good Luck!


The big winner of the Forbidden Hollywood giveaway is----

Ana Roland!

Congratulations Ana! Please send your mailing address to classicmovieblog@gmail.com and I will send your prize.

Thank you everyone for entering and thank you to Warner Archive Collection for providing a Forbidden Hollywood set for the giveaway!


Ana Roland said...

Footlight Parade
Ana Roland

Ashley said...

Man's Castle.

Jocelyn said...

Trouble in Paradise (also with the lovely Kay Francis!)

Unknown said...

Hard to pick, but I have always loved Public Enemy (Shawn Moore)

billichthomas2@gmail.com said...


Unknown said...

Have to go with Baby Face as well.

Meredy said...

Mary Stevens, M.D.

Citizen Screen said...

Difficult to choose just one, but if pressed I have to go with THE DIVORCEE (1930).

Once Upon a Screen

Unknown said...

Well Aurora beat me to it but I'd say The Divorcee as well!

Vickie Gleason

Gabriel Hardman said...



Gabriel Hardman

Cindy said...

Hot Saturday William A. Seiter, 1933

A good girl wronged by her small minded small twon, great production design and very very young cary Grant as a dashing bad boy!

Cindy Womack @ArmyOfWomack

Mimi Goldberg said...

Night Nurse

Mimi Goldberg said...

Night Nurse

Richard Leighton said...

Murder At The Vanities - marijuana, scantily clad musical numbers, Cab Calloway, Kitty Carlisle!

Unknown said...

A Free Soul

Dennis Conway said...

Baby Face

Karen said...

The Divorcee! Because Norma Shearer. :)

Anonymous said...

42nd Street. great music and plenty of precode images/ dialogue..The best musical of the period in my opinion. To the commenter above, Murder at the Vanities did not feature Cab Calloway- but it did have Duke Ellington...

A said...

That's too tough! Frankly anything with Warren William, Kay Francis, or Ann Harding is amazing. I'm torn between The Divorcee with the amazing Norma Shearer and When Ladies Meet with Ann Harding.

Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham said...

I know I'm too late for the drawing (RATS!), but I had to chime in anyway. My 2 favorite Pre-Codes are DESIGN FOR LIVING!! (I'd prefer not to have to decide between Gary Cooper and Fredric March, neither!) and QUEEN CHRISTINA (once Greta Garbo reveals herself as a woman, John Gilbert says: "Life is so gloriously improbable!")!

KC said...

I love that you shared your picks anyway Kelly! Did you get to see Queen Christina at TCMFF 2015? That was an amazing one to see on the big screen.

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