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If I were to recommend five must-see Pickford movies, my list would look pretty much like this. Great choices for anyone who is curious about her films--A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies

This is a great story about the largest collection of Gone With the Wind (1939) memorabilia in the world. I'm not even very interested in this movie, but the reporting here is really good--Comet Over Hollywood

Now I'm dying to see Lubitsch's The Wildcat--Criterioncast

Lots of classic film bloggers are going to the TCM Filmfest this year, and I'm looking forward to getting all the details. Maybe I'll make it next year? I shared this particular post because I love the clothes in the photos--Glamamor

I'm obsessed with the Warner Archives tumblr. I especially love these GIFs from Red Dust (1932), one of my favorite movies--tumblr/Warner Archive Collection

Apparently the only remaining footage from the 1926 film version of The Great Gatsby is in this trailer. Man would I love to see this movie. It looks like the actress playing Daisy has dark hair. Just like in the book!--

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