Classic Birthdays

Francis Lederer (1899-2000)
Mike Nichols (81)

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thingy said...

Looks like Burt Lancaster. Was that his real name, or am I seeing a doppelganger?

KC said...

I can see the resemblance! But no, that's Francis Lederer. I guess you could call him the European Burt?

thingy said...

Holy cow! Looks just like Burt.

thingy said...

Okay, he looks nothing like Burt. LOL.

KC said...

But that tousled hair and the shape of his face do remind me of him. I didn't think it was a crazy comparison. With two photos side-to-side it may be a different story. Is that what you did? Ha, I've never thought so much about Francis Lederer in my life and it's not even really about him!

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