Jun 22, 2012

Archive Classic Links: Interviews

Instead of posting new finds this summer, I'll be periodically cleaning out the dusty, only slightly smelly Classic Movies link archives. Since most of the material I've been hoarding is the result of various obsessions over the past few years, the links tend to fall into themes. This week: a collection of interviews that struck my fancy.



Doesn't Lillian Gish look bad ass here? There's something about her pantsuit, and the way she's clutching her handbag, that says "don't mess with me, or I'll whack you!" And yet, she's adorable. I don't know how Joan Rivers came to interview her in 1983, but I'm sure there are a few interesting stories about what happened before the filming as well. 

Steve McQueen gave his last interview to a high school student writing for the school paper. Apparently he spoke to young Richard Krauss in 1980, when he was filming The Hunter. This is especially cool because McQueen rarely gave interviews, and this one was his first in ten years. The story of how Krauss came to talk to him is as interesting as the interview--The First Steve McQueen Site 

I can't remember why I was collecting final actor interviews--what a gloomy thing to do--but I stopped at my second find: Cary Grant. This conversation was recorded in connection with a film tribute four months before his death-- The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages 

It's not so much the content of this interview with Bogie and Bacall as the demeanor of the stars that I enjoy. They're so easy going and the chemistry between the two is simultaneously cozy and sexy: 

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