Mar 2, 2012

Classic Links

I’ve been enjoying browsing the blog of Loren Cantor, an LA-based woodcutter and writer. He’s done lots of classic movie-inspired pieces. This anecdote about Jack Palance, with whom he once worked, is especially interesting— Woodcutting Fool 

I’m delighted that Tom has found this video of Dolores Hart at the Oscars. I was so disappointed that she was not interviewed for the ABC coverage— Motion Picture Gems 

This is a great list of some of Christopher Plummer’s most memorable performances— Movie Morlocks/TCM 

85 films that inspired Martin Scrosese. This is an amazing list— Fast Company 

Check out the marquee for this Dietrich film. Gorgeous!— Daily Mail 

This article about Drew Barrymore’s gig guest hosting TCM’s The Essentials has some interesting details about the process of picking the movies— Zap2it 

For all you radio theater geeks, here’s a site with all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater.— CBS Radio Mystery Theater 

Kim Morgan’s tribute to Davy Jones pretty much captures how I feel about him and his untimely passing. It’s always tough to see the idols of your childhood go. That said, it’s been wonderful to see how well-loved Jones is. It doesn’t seem like he ever faded away— Sunset Gun 

I also wanted to share a favorite scene from Head (1968), the movie which demonstrates in so many ways why The Monkees were more fascinating than your typical manufactured band (I still can’t believe Victor Mature was in this—love it):


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