Classic Birthdays

George Brent (1899-1979)
Lawrence Tierney (1919-2002)

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Artman2112 said...

haha gotta love George Brent! he of the Devo hair! the first month i had TCM back in 1997 he was the Star of the MOnth and i saw over 40 of his films, it was quite an introduction to him!!

Lawrence Tierney is just total awesomeness and sharing a b-day with George just makes him more so!

KC said...

I think it's funny that the smooth gentleman shares a birthday with the guy that always beat everyone to a pulp. Tierney scares the crap out of me, because I heard he was really like that. He really doesn't seem like he's acting in his movies. As a huge Bette Davis fan, I've seen lots of Brent movies myself. I've never thought--ooh, I'm a big Brent fan--but I do expect a movie to be good if his name is in the credits. Devo hair--hehe.

Artman2112 said...

its simply amazing how many films Brent made in the 30's alone! George is probly one of the most wooden actors of the golden age but that doesnt mean he isnt appealing or enjoyable, just dont expect anything remotely resembling a dynamic leading man and you're good to go! he sure is in a hell of a lot of good films too! i find him most effective in the zany comdeies like Snowed Under or Honeymoon for Three, hes great in those!

my intro to Tierney was Reservoir Dogs but afterwards i sought out some of his early films. He's always fun to see and yeah SCARY as hell! Devil Thumbs a Ride is a good one for that and of course Born to Kill. he cracked me the hell up on Seinfeld!

KC said...

Brent was the guy the ladies wanted to marry--so he was well-liked, but not a movie star.He did still have a lot going for him. I haven't seen him in many comedies. I'll have to do that.

The first time I saw Tierney was in Born to Kill. He was so intense! I almost felt like he was going to come get me. It was weird to be so scared by a movie character.

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