Classic Links

Dolores Hart is returning to Hollywood for the Oscars!— Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings 

This is a fantastic tribute to Ann Savage. She really does bite off the ends of words— The Sheila Variations 

Check out all the posts for the Classic Film and TV Café’s Dogathon— The Classic Movie Blog Association 

I love these screenshots of classic actors in cartoons, but why did they do that to poor Garbo?— The Silver Screen Affair 

It’s weird to see Lucille Ball as a blonde and William Cagney looks so much like his brother James!— Film Noir Photos


monty said...

Thanks KC for the wonderful links. I especially enjoyed the Ann Savage birthday tribute. Ann was terrific in Detour!

KC said...

Glad you liked the links Monty. That was a fantastic Savage tribute. She stood out among the other noir dames, and Sheila explained why so vividly.

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