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There is something elemental about Bette, a demon within her which threatens to break out and eat everybody, beginning with their ears. The studio was afraid of her.

-John Huston

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monty said...

Yeah I can see them being afraid of Bette. That's why I love her. She was awesome!

KC said...

She was totally awesome Monty! Can you imagine how strong you would have to be to fight such powerful men? And of course the ladies were especially not encouraged to do that!

monty said...

Hey KC..I just picked up this book from Borders going out of business sale for just $17 bucks. It's called Bette Davis: Larger Than Life and I can't wait to read it.

KC said...

Sounds like a great deal Monty. Holy cow, how many Bette Davis books are there now anyway? I think I must own at least six!

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