Haiku: Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

She casts a love spell
He doesn't handle cats well
The streetlights are out

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Desiree said...
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Desiree said...

I love this one. I love the movie as well. I really like this trend of people writing haikus about classic movies.

KC said...

Thanks! It cracks me up that it has become a trend because I had this idea planned for so long. It's fun though. I've been enjoying reading what other bloggers have been coming up with.

Laura said...

These are fun! I especially enjoy this one since I just saw the film for the first time within the last few months. :)

Very creative!

Best wishes,

KC said...

Thanks Laura. I think Novak and Stewart are kind of an odd pair, but that added to the charm for me. It's a cute flick.

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