Classic Birthdays

Sidney Poitier (84)
Richard Beymer (73)

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monty said...

Sidney is awesome!

monty said...

I just thought of a funny caption for your Sidney photo...Someone just told him a joke which didn't amuse Sidney so he says "Yeah, that wasn't funny at all"

thingy said...

He is one of my favorite actors. Class all the way. Happy Birthday, Sidney.

KC said...

Monty--You're cracking me up! That is definitely a pic that is begging for a caption though. He's got a serious "excuse me?" expression.

thingy--I was just remembering that I saw him in "Something of Value" for the first time around this time last year. That was an amazing performance. It gave me a new appreciation for him. He carries himself like royalty, but he's real at the same time.

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