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100 flicks in the public domain (and where to find many of them)— Toronto Sun

Anna May Wong being elegant in a trio of cheesecake pics— She Blogged By Night

The top movies of the 1920s-- David Bordwell

Hooray for the Hollywood news from May 1, 1932! I love this blog-- Hollywood Heyday

There’s a campaign to get a Charlton Heston stamp. Movie stardom aside, I think he is aesthetically well-suited to stampdom— IMDB

James Franco to write and direct a Sal Mineo biopic. Has this man found extra hours in the day or what?— IMDB


Pussy Goes Grrr said...

For what it's worth, the Thompson/Bordwell list is just about the year 1920, not the whole decade.

Also, those Anna May Wong photos are fantastic. She definitely needs more love from cinephiles. (Hurray for non-white classic Hollywood starlets!)

Unknown said...

James Franco is everywhere. I read on a forum that he's to co-host the Academy Awards next year. And I'm sure he winked at me from that magazine cover at the grocery store.

Franco probably did a lot of his Sal Mineo research about 10 years ago when preparing to play James Dean in a multi-part biopic for TNT.

He should sell tickets to whatever place the extra time exists.

KC said...

Oh doh' PGG--I did know that. I guess I'm just so used to writing the 1920s, the 1930s, etc. all the time! I always say that Anna May Wong was the birth of modern cool.

JBR--Franco inspires me. I may not be able to do as much as he does, but he makes me want to try harder. I love the way he is grabbing as much as he can out of life.

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