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This tribute by David Zucker is the most touching piece I’ve seen about the passing of Leslie Nielsen. It kind of choked me up. They had a delightful personal and professional relationship-- /Film

Leslie Neilsen talks about Forbidden Planet (1956)— Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy

Here’s an interesting idea: Roman Holiday—the video game. Classic movies as video games. That opens up a world of interesting possibilities. What would you want to play?— Via Margutta 51

RIP Italian director Mario Monicelli-- The Guardian

I love the thought of Burt Lancaster and James Earl Jones working on early Sesame Street episodes!-- IMDB

Ann Savage’s ferocious performance in Detour (1945)- The Sheila Variations

Part five of an amazing series of lists: interesting flicks on Netflix instant play. I will never have time to watch all the titles I’ve culled from these lists, but it is lovely to know I can watch them at the press of a button-- Rupert Pupkin Speaks

Ida Lupino in the underrated Private Hell 36 (1954)— Discovering Ida


Gordon Pasha said...

Thank you KC for the tip on the Netflix download lists. I checked the site, followed and thanked the Poster. Best. Gerald.

KC said...

I'm glad you liked the link Gerald. I've been having a great time with that series. I hope you find a lot of wonderful titles!

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