Classic Birthdays

Vivien Leigh (1913-1967)
Elke Sommer (70)
Roy Rogers (1911-1998)

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thingy said...

I met Elke Sommer. It was quite unfortunate. : /

KC said...

Tell me about it Thingy! Or do I want to know?

thingy said...

LOL, I do have the story somewhere on my blog, short story...

In my teens I took a housekeeping job at a hotel where she was acting in a play.

I made the mistake of knocking on her door (several times) to clean her room and she opened the door in her birthday suit and yelled at me in German.

I also almost dumped Leonard Nimoy's steak dinner in the trash.

Ah, good times.

KC said...

I actually do sort of remember this from your blog! It's one of those things that sucks at the time, but makes a great story later on. It's like it needs time to appreciate in amusement as your humiliation depreciates.

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