Classic Birthdays

Ella Raines (1920-1988)
Lucille Ball (1911-1989)
Hoot Gibson (1892-1962)

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Gordon Pasha said...


A beautiful photograph of a beautiful woman. Like all of us, I have lists of favorite actresses and Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck are in my first tier. And then in a different category are women who were “of a certain age” when I first met them: Fay Bainter, Gladys Cooper, and Spring Byington.(Ironically, they have stayed ageless and I have moved long past them.)

Then there is a third group (difficult to define but it has to do with magic). Foremost in that latter group is Ella Raines. Beautiful photograph. Best.


KC said...

Agreed Gerald--I wish Hollywood would have given Ella Raines more to do. I'm not sure if it was acting talent or just pure charisma, but she had the most engaging screen presence.

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