Classic Birthdays

Jean Hagen (1923-1977)
Dolores del Rio (1905-1983)

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Gordon Pasha said...


I love Jean Hagen. Her Doll Conovan in “The Asphalt Jungle” remains a terribly underrated performance. She is more often remembered for comic turns in “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Adam’s Rib,” but Doll Conovan is at my forefront. Heartrending. Thank you for the reminder. I might have overlooked.


KC said...

I think people forget about Jean Hagen in Asphalt Jungle because they tend to remember that this was Marilyn Monroe's breakout performance. I agree though--Hagen is so sympathetic in that role; she's the only one that seems like a real person. She was definitely the most memorable part of that flick for me. That said, her Singin' in the Rain peformance was amazing--and a great contrast to her dramatic work.

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