Saturday Newsreel: Hollywood on Parade (1933)

This is actually just part of the Hollywood on Parade newsreel. A doorman scrambles to get movie star autographs for a star-struck little boy. The glamorous stars--all decked out for a costume party--include Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jeanette Macdonald,George Raft, Jean Harlow, and Miriam Hopkins.


Tom said...

What an oddball comedy short. That woman who is announced as Jeanette Macdonald - who is that? She says, "What an idiot...I'm not Miss Macdonald".

Anonymous said...
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KC said...

Tom: Oh no, that was MacDonald. She said "I'm Anna Held tonight, not Miss MacDonald". It's just difficult to hear. It is an offbeat clip. I thought it was weird how the little boy didn't seem very grateful at the end. Did I miss something?

Tom said...

I thought I heard her say "idiot".

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