Monday Serenade: Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson Sniff, Swig and Puff

It has been a year since Bea Arthur left us. Let's remember the great lady with a song about drugs and alcohol! Arthur may not have been a big movie star, but she had her moments (she's the only thing in Mame (1974) that I found remotely entertaining). Rock Hudson adds Hollywood mojo to their duet of Sniff, Swig, Puff on Arthur's 1980 television special.


ClassicFilmFan said...

That was entertaining, thanks for including the video! Bea Arthur's absolutely great and so funny :D I know her because of watching 'Golden Girls' --which is, in my opinion, the funniest comedy series ever-- and I'm planning to watch more of her work. May she always be remembered (:

KC said...

Hi ClassicFilmFan--You must check out Maude if you haven't! I think it's the best work Ms. Bea ever did. The first season is on region 1 DVD (I'm not sure of other formats). I loved it so much that I may need to buy the set some day!

ClassicFilmFan said...

I just did some research, and found out there are some episodes of Maude on the Youtube too! (: I'll sure watch it when I have time. Thanks for the tip! :D

KC said...

I hope you enjoy it! I'll have to check it out myself.

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