Feb 9, 2010

TV Tuesday: Hattie McDaniel on The Ed Wynn Show


Here's Hattie McDaniel in a 1949 appearance on The Ed Wynn Show as Beulah, her character from her popular radio (and eventually television) show. My favorite part of this sketch is when McDaniel breaks into a rendition of Some of These Days (though she didn't sing much on the big screen, McDaniel did get her start as a band singer). She really goes for the gusto!

Though McDaniel wasn't able to escape the maid's uniform for her last big role, she did make history, for she was the first African American woman to have her own radio and television programs.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Hattie McDaniel was such a talent. :)

  2. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to see her sing more often? I'm glad she managed to do a bit of it on film though.