Classic Links

Great Valentines Day pics of classic actresses— Gents and Dames

A tribute to the stars that Hollywood never gave a chance to— Vintage Film Nerd

Fascinating pics of Vivian Leigh, newly available on the London National Portrait Gallery site-- Viv and Larry

Haha—it’s “That Guy”—the character actor website— That Guy (via @ebertchicago—if you are on Twitter, I highly suggest following Roger Ebert. He posts great stuff.)

Luise Rainer to appear at TCM classic film fest (I know a lot of you are iffy about this festival, but I am impressed that they managed this booking)— UPI


Kendra said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! Those Vivien pics on the NPG site are amazing.


KC said...

Thanks for posting those pics Kendra. I can't believe how many subtle mood changes the photographer captured in what looked like such a subdued sitting. So remarkable!

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