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The Ava Gardner doll looks kind of Dynasty-ish to me— Asleep in New York

I love this pic. of Charles Boyer and Katharine Hepburn!-- The Big Parade

Another fun shot—this one with Andy Devine on the set-- Film Noir Photos

Wow, I never though much about how amazing Elizabeth Taylor's life has been, until I read this short bio. The separate incidents are impressive enough, but the whole is truly stunning-- All Good Things

Hey classic movie bloggers—the next link in the movie chain is still available. Want to join in on the fun?— Flying Down to Hollywood


ClassicMovieFan said...

I love your site and all the links to different blogs. I appreciate it.

ClassicMovieFan said...

..and yes, I love the Katherine Hepburn pic on the bike!

KC said...

Thanks ClassicMovieFan!

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