Jan 11, 2010

Monday Serenade: Deanna Durbin the Disk Jockey

Though Deanna Durbin's opening scene performance of The Turntable Song is one of my favorites, it is unfortunately also one of the only things I really like about Something in the Wind (1948). My disappointment with the movie boils down to two major problems: John Dall didn't work as her romantic interest and after a series of silly moments in the radio station early on, they didn't do much else with her profession. I think this could have been a much more entertaining movie if they'd set more of it at the station. That said, if you like one Deanna Durbin movie, it's worthwhile to see all of them--because they all have at least a few great moments like this one.


  1. This was fun! I'm going to be posting about Mad About Music later this week!

  2. I haven't seen Mad About Music yet. I'm looking forward to your review!