Classic Birthdays

Donna Reed (1921-1986)
Troy Donahue (1936-2001)
Sabu (1924-1963)
George K. Arthur (1899-1985)
Jerome Kern (1885-1945)


I Wonder Wye said...

Did I tell you 'Dark Victory' saved my life? I was 24, recently moved to Washington DC and working in a new job, when frequent headaches and neurological changes were causing problems. Couldn't get drs to take me seriously when I said I had a brain tumor. Even had one say '70% of my female patients are psychosomatic" (DICK). Finally went home called my boss to take a medical leave of absence and sat down and turned on the TV and DV was on - damn. She had a brain tumor, and I had the same symptoms. Checked myself into the ER and told them I had a brain tumor. Turns out yes, I did! Thus began a loonggg journey of surgeries - 3 brain surgeries to date - but that was an eventful day.....

KC said...

Yes, you did, but I don't think you told me you'd had 3 surgeries. I also can't believe that doctor with the "70%" comment. What an evil thing to say! I hope you are doing well today. Yay for Bette Davis for saving your life!

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