Dec 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Robot (1932)

I'm pretty sure this is the earliest instance of a robot I've seen in a cartoon. Is robot even the right term if Bimbo is inside the machine? Wouldn't it actually be a mechanical suit? Anyway, Bimbo's girlfriend looks a lot like Betty Boop, but she doesn't have many lines, and is solidly second banana here.


  1. It looks like Felix and Mickey Mouse make cameo appearances in this too! A couple more observances: The mechanical suit looks more like a hot dog at the end, and this might be the earliest instance of a "television" as well.

  2. Myth--I'm tempted to post Betty Boop cartoons every week. She's my favorite.

    Tom--I remembered the Felix cameo, but I had to watch it again to find Mickey. Did you think that was him running along the ring at the end? It looks like him. I wonder how much people knew about television back then? I'm pretty sure this is the earliest instance of a tv I've seen as well. Haha, a hot dog robot! You are so right though.