Classic Links

Harvey remake halted, for now— Variety

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe? Hmmm-- IMDB

RIP Richard Todd— IMDB

I love this review of After the Thin Man (1936)— Hollywood Dreamland

One of Lizabeth Scott’s best: Too Late For Tears (1949)— The Night Editor

An excellent review of some of the newly-available early talkies from Warners Archives— All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!

Would you be sad to see the end of the film magazine?— The Guardian

Book review: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe— Your Cinematic Survival Kit

Virginia Mayo: essential viewing— All Good Things

TCM to run entire Why We Fight series (directed by Frank Capra)— Classic Film and TV Cafe


Jonas Nordin said...

Thanks for the link KC!

KC said...

My pleasure! I learn so much from your site; you do excellent work.

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