Batman Window Cameos

One of the most famous images from the 1960s Batman show is of the Dark, Groovy Knight and his Boy Wonder slowly climbing up the outside of a building, trading cheesy lines as they prepare to surprise the villain of the week. On several episodes, a celebrity would pop out of a mid-building window for a quick chat. The cameos were about an even mix of television and movie stars. Here are a few of the appearances made by
stars who also made their mark in the movies:

Jerry Lewis made the first cameo in season one:

Sammy Davis Jr. popped up in season two:

Andy Devine, the character actor with the unmistakable voice, made an appearance as Santa Claus:

This is my favorite cameo. Edward G. Robinson, an art collector in real life, discusses artists with Batman and Robin and takes a jab at Andy Warhol and pop art:


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