Aug 25, 2009

TV Tuesday: Marilyn Monroe on Person to Person

This clip of Marilyn Monroe’s appearance on Edward R. Murrow’s Person to Person is a mesmerizing performance, full of complexities. In it, she sits with photographer Milton Greene and his wife Amy in their Connecticut home, discussing their friendship and her career. She adopts her dazed sexpot persona for most of the interview, flirting with the camera, stroking her legs and speaking in a girlish, breathy voice, but her intelligent observations on her career, and a sharp sense of humor, add depth to her glossy flirtation. Monroe explains these contradictions quite plainly when she tells Murrow that while she likes being in musicals and comedies, she yearns to be in dramas. Or, in essence: I can be light, but please take me seriously. No wonder we continue to be fascinated by this woman.

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